For solopreneurs who want to spend less time on admin and more time doing what they do best, without cloning themselves!

Take a load off!

If you are a life coach, business coach, consultant or trainer and struggle with onboarding new clients because you don’t have standard documents and processes in place, you are going to LOVE my Client Onboarding Toolkit.


Done-for-you templates and bite-sized step-by-step tutorials will make your client onboarding hassle free and stress free - yay!

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To help you build your workflows quickly, you’ll have access to a pack of 17 done-for-you customer care letters and forms. Saved in two formats - Word documents AND Google Docs ready, they are primed to adapt to your own products and services, and can be used as standalone documents or copied into a CRM system of your choice.

If you’re not quite ready to use a CRM system, the toolkit includes a mini masterclass where I share some of my 'gold dust' techniques (things you'll find really useful that you're currently not likely to know about) based on my vast back office experience, along with step-by-step tutorials to show you how to:

  • Download and brand the documents in both Word and Google Docs
  • Identify four standard documents every coach needs
  • Combine letters and forms to create 'rinse and repeat' master templates
  • Utilise Google Forms to create easy to submit client questionnaires
  • Enable clients to sign documents electronically (for free)
  • Create a simple document upload system any client can use

Picture this

All the templates you need... onboard new clients. Why waste time creating standard templates when everything you need for onboarding your coaching or training clients is already done for you, ready to brand and customise?

You'll have professional looking documents ready to send to your clients at the push of a button, without having to reinvent the wheel every time you onboard. (Psst! You’ll actually know where to find them on your system too!).

Onboarding Demystified

Not hot on admin tasks but not in a position to hire team members yet?

No worries!

I walk you through, step-by-step, in my easy to follow bite-sized tutorials, showing you how to get the most from the templates and how to brand and customise them to your business.

If you're not very techy, this will be right up your street because I literally show you 'the how'.

Less stress!

You’re not constantly stressing about everything that has to get done to onboard new clients because it’s already been pre-prepared.

You’ll have more time than you’ve had – not only to focus on your clients, but also just to BE.


Does your current client onboarding look like this? 

βœ“ You don’t have a robust client onboarding system.
βœ“ You hate the thought of having to deal with the onboarding admin.
βœ“ You waste a lot of time (and money) sorting out the admin for new clients.
βœ“ You’re not sure which documents need sending to new clients.
βœ“ You accidently sent a new client a pre-filled form you received from a previous client (Yikes!)
βœ“ You’re not sure if you’re sending the most up to date forms.
βœ“ You don’t always remember to send the whole client pack.
βœ“ You don’t know how to brand your client documents.
βœ“ You’re worried about giving out the wrong impression to new prospects due to poor admin systems.
βœ“ You know there are easier ways to send and receive client documents (who has the time – or the will – and still be a killer boss?), but you simply don’t know how.

Sounds about right?



The Client Onboarding Toolkit

Done-for-you new client templates you can start using today that will give you the power to run a streamlined onboarding system, WITHOUT being superhuman - or even super techy. Includes bite-sized, step-by-step tutorials.

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Here's what the Client Onboarding Toolkit can help you achieve 



Finally put a system in place in order to have or reclaim the bandwidth you need to work with your clients.


Easy Customer Care

Take care of your clients beautifully behind-the-scenes.


Business Growth Opportunity

Have the energy and creativity to focus on bigger projects or hit your next level goals.



No more spending hours at your laptop doing pesky admin tasks you hate.                                            


Guilt Free Time Out

Allow your self guilt-free time to veggie on the couch with your favourite boxset on a week day.


Do less, live more

Learn an easier way to make things happen in your business so you can do less and live more.


What's included in the Client Onboarding Toolkit?

Each module includes step-by-step tutorials so you don't have to spend any time working out 'the how'.

Templates in Word Format

Access the Client Onboarding Planner PDF and New Client templates in Word format.

Watch the bite-sized tutorials to learn:

  • How to make a copy of the templates so you always have the originals to refer back to.
  • Basic branding tips to customise the templates.

Downloads Included:

  • 17 New Client Templates in Word format 
  • Client Onboarding Planner (29 pages) PDF.

Templates for Google Docs

Access your New Client templates for Google docs.

Watch the bite-sized tutorials to learn:

  • How to download and make a copy of the templates in Google Docs
  • What Google Forms are and how to use them
  • How to brand the templates in Google Drive
  • How to rename, check settings and send Google forms

Downloads Included: 

  • 17 New Client Templates for Google Docs
  • Client Onboarding Planner (29 pages) PDF.



Here's the list of templates included in the toolkit

Welcome Letter - designed to introduce your clients to your business coaching sessions.

Referral Request - when you have space for new clients.

Pre-session Questionnaire - aids clients to identify what they want to talk about on the next session call. 

Payment Arrangements Form - detail your payment arrangements before working with clients.

Client Coaching History Form - find out your clients coaching history, what worked for them, and what didn't!

Monthly Review Form - filled out by the client at the end of each month, for your evaluation at the next month’s coaching session. 

How to Prepare for a Coaching Session - client preparation checklist before their next session

How to Hold Me Accountable - find out how the client would like you to respond to certain situations throughout your working relationship.

How Coaching Works - help your client understand your coaching style and expectations for your working relationship. 


Confidentiality Agreement - This agreement verifies the confidential nature of the relationship for both you and your client.

Coaching Success Guidelines - this document entails the guidelines governing your sessions.

Code of Ethics - your promise to your client. 

Coaching Agreement - this is the contract that is drawn up between you and your client.

Client Invoice - outlining the payment schedule, including the monthly amount and the session number so your client can keep track of their payments.

Client Call Notes - jot down notes from coaching sessions and use as a reference when setting client action steps.

Client Intake Form - gather all the relevant information to get a rudimentary picture of your client before your first meeting.

Business Goals Worksheet - this worksheet offers an accountability tool for you and your client. Turn each goal into a set of Action Items that can be used to complete their goals.

Mini Masterclass

I share some of my ‘gold dust’ techniques with you in bite-sized, step-by-step tutorials that will shorten the amount of time you need to spend onboarding your clients.

Template Basics - how to start your client onboarding process, the types of coaching documents you may wish to create from the New Client templates, and how to create a logical storage system for your templates.

Combining Templates - how to combine some of the New Client templates to create one document (no need to bombard clients with oodles of documents. I teach you how to keep things simple).

Google Forms vs Word Questionnaires - why Google Forms may be a better option than Word documents and how they could make life easier for both you and your client.

Electronic Signatures Made Simple – Learn how to send and receive signed documents electronically for FREE using web-based software.

Easy uploads using Dropbox - I share a great hack which enables clients to submit documents into a folder of your choice, which ANYONE can do (even the most untechy client).

+ you get these Bonuses

Bonus 1 - How to create a free electronic signature account

A quick hack walking you through how to create a free electronic signature software account, that isn’t as obvious as you think!


1 step-by-step tutorial.

Bonus 2 - Electronic Signatures with Google Docs

Learn how to request an electronic signature using Google Docs.


1 step-by-step tutorial.

Bonus 3 - Rinse & Repeat Emails

Want to save some time? Here's a great hack if you find yourself typing and sending the same (or very similar) emails on a regular basis.


1 step-by-step tutorial.

Bonus 4 - Client Onboarding Blueprint

21 ideas to create and enhance your client onboarding


Downloadable PDF.

Yes, I want this!

Pat Gibson, The Veteran VA

I've been working as a virtual assistant / office manager for over 21 years now - hence the nickname The Veteran VA. Having run my own business at the same times as supporting clients, I know only too well how easy it is to sink under the mountain of tasks that comes with owning a business, and managing clients at the same time.

I honestly believe, and truly know through personal experience, how important it is to get robust systems and processes in places, as quickly as you can.

If you're not ready, or in a position, to hire a team member to support you just now, the Client Onboarding Toolkit will save you hours of time and frustration, especially if you're not great or don't really like the admin side of things.

I use my many years of experience to help you create a simple and easy to use client onboarding system, so you can concentrate on what you truly love to do.

Here's why you'll love the Client Onboarding Toolkit


Reason 1

No standard documents?
The toolkit contains 17 done-for-you templates that covers everything you'll need to onboard and work with your clients, along with some 'gold dust' tips based on my vast back office experience you won't find anywhere else.

Reason 2

You'll save yourself HOURS of time and banish unnecessary stress. The hard work has already been done for you, freeing up time to spend on growing your business and your personal life.

Reason 3

In my step-by-step tutorials, I literally show you ‘the how’ and the type of software you'll need (using free software where possible to keep your costs down) so that you can get started today!  

Who is this for?

If you are ANY of these: 

  • You’ve just started your own coaching or training business and haven’t got any client onboarding documents.
  • You’re flying solo and not in a position to hire a team member yet, so you need a robust onboarding system that is simple but effective for now.
  • You've been running your coaching or training business for a while, but you still struggle with the onboarding admin.
  • You'd love to streamline your business, but you simply don't know how.
  • Sending and receiving client questionnaires is an absolute nightmare for you!
  • You’re not clear how clients can sign documents electronically. I demystify the process and show you how you can start requesting electronic signatures today – for FREE!
  • Your client documents are saved all over the place on your laptop/PC and it drives you NUTS when you need to find them.
  • You haven’t really thought through client onboarding – You: I just need to send them a welcome email and ask them to send me some money, don’t I? Me: There’s a bit more to it than that if you want to a) look professional and b) have long term clients
  • You’d like to use Google Docs instead of Word because everyone keeps raving about it but you’re not sure where to start. I get you started using Google docs today without any hassle.
  • You’re working evenings and weekends as well as ‘normal’ working hours.
  • You want to grow your business without working 24/7.

Who is this not for?

  • You’re looking for a magic bullet. 
  • You don’t want to put any effort into changing the way you currently work.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Guarantee, Refund and Returns Policy

We know you'll love this The Client Onboarding Toolkit as much as we do. In fact, if you're not completely satisfied, please contact me at [email protected] within 7 days from the date of purchase to request a full refund.

I do ask that you let me know briefly why the programme is not working for you because I value your feedback.

‘I don’t have time now’ is not a valid reason for a refund as you have access to the online programme for at least 12 months so there's no 'falling behind'.

Once a refund has been issued you will no longer have access to the programme or materials.

Here's a reminder of what's included 

Toolkit Content


βœ“ 3 Training Modules

Module 1: Creating template copies in Word format and basic branding

Module 2: Creating template copies for Google Docs, understanding and branding Google forms

Module 3: Mini Masterclass – ‘Gold dust’ hacks and strategies to streamline client onboarding


βœ“ 17 Done-For-You new client templates in Word format 

βœ“ 17 Done-For-You new client templates for Google Docs

βœ“ Client onboarding planner (29 pages)

+ Bonuses


βœ“ Electronic Signatures - How to create a free account

1 step-by-step tutorial 

βœ“ Electronic Signatures with Google Docs

 1 step-by-step tutorial 

βœ“ Rinse & Repeat Emails

1 step-by-step tutorial 

βœ“ 21 Ideas Blueprint

Downloadable PDF



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Buy The Client Onboarding Toolkit

Packed full of templates and strategies you can start to implement today!



One-off payment

Toolkit Content

  • 3 Training Modules, includes a mini masterclass
  • Step-by-step bite-sized tutorials
  • 17 Done-For-You new client templates in Word format
  • 17 Done-For-You new client templates for Google docs
  • 29-page Client Onboarding Planner

+ Bonuses

  • How to create a free electronic signature account tutorial
  • Electronic Signatures with Google Docs tutorial
  • Rinse & Repeat Emails tutorial
  • 21 ideas to Create and Enhance Your Client Onboarding Process blueprint 


'People don't run out of dreams - people just run out of time.'


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