Here’s a way that can lead you to success

We’re almost halfway through this year already. What are your successes this year so far? I know some of you will know what you’ve achieved, but I also know some of you may be sat there thinking, “you know what, I’m not too sure”. If you journal, now is a great time to flick through because I think you’ll find you’ve achieved more than you think you have.

Everyone has goals and dreams but not everyone focuses enough to achieve them. Follow these 5 steps to help get you to your goals.

1. Setting goals allows you to laser focus on what you want. Instead of waking every morning with no idea what tasks to focus on, having your goals written down allows you to make a daily to do list with tasks leading toward your goal. No more “flying by the seat of your pants.” Instead, follow your action plan or checklist and focus on important tasks instead of busy work.

2. Keep those goals in sight and look at them daily. A vision board hung in...

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