It wasn't my dream!

I’d love to tell you that my ambition was to start my own business. That it was something I had always wanted to do.

But it wasn’t.

Starting my own business was born more out of necessity than fulfilling a dream.

The truth is I founded my company because...

...I was being bullied at work.

Not just by one person either. In the end it was a group of women. It came as quite a shock. I’d never been bullied at school or college. I was always one of those kids who had lots of friends, made friends easily, just fitted in.

I’m not going to go into details, let’s just leave it at it got to the stage I ended up crying just about every day when I left work, and sometimes at work, hidden away in the ladies.

It finally came to a head one evening when I'd got back from a particularly horrendous day and my husband found me sat in the car outside our home sobbing my heart out.

Sounds dramatic, but if you've ever been badly bullied, you'll understand.

The choice was I...

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