Self-doubt derailer or belief booster?

self-belief self-doubt Feb 09, 2021

It’s no doubt that running your own business is hard work. Amongst the many hats you have to wear, you also need to be confident and have a lot of faith in yourself in order to succeed.

But what happens if self-doubt starts to creep in?

Perhaps you start triple checking everything you do. Maybe you struggle to make simple decisions and procrastinate so much that nothing ever gets done. Or maybe you create a product or service that you want to sell but then don’t, because you start to believe it’s not good enough.

Self-doubt can creep in for all sorts of reasons. Knowing how you developed it can sometimes help lead you to rebuilding your self-esteem, by getting to the bottom of how it happened.

Some people may have had self-esteem at one point, then lost it. Some never had it in the first place.

No matter how you determine what causes your self-doubt, you’ll be able to overcome it. It doesn’t matter if it’s something that developed over time or...

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