#12 strategies for dealing with self-doubt

This month I’ve been discussing the effects of self-doubt and negative thoughts.  As this is the final blog of this series, let’s go over some important ways to deal with self-doubt when it happens.
By the way, if you think it’s “just you”, let me tell you, even the most successful person works to overcome self-doubt at times.
Feeling self-doubt isn’t the problem. Letting self-doubt control you, make your decisions for you, and rule your life is the problem.
Here are #12 strategies for dealing with self-doubt.
 You’re Not Alone – Everyone experiences self-doubt and whether you have friends, family, or anyone to talk to right now about this, you are not alone in your feelings. It’s all how you react to it that matters. You can find others to commiserate with by joining Facebook groups or other types of groups and forums to help feel less alone with your issues.
 Keep a...

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#9 Strategies to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts

I don’t know about you, but last week when a member of the government said on national tv that we shouldn’t bother booking a summer holiday yet, it made me feel quite down.

I love travelling and seeing new places, even here in the UK. We have a fabulous country to explore. I totally understand ‘the why’, due to the current circumstances, but like many, not being allowed to move around at the moment is making me feel trapped. In this situation it’s easy to start having negative thoughts.

On the plus side, it’s possible to train your mind to overcome and turn negative thoughts around.

Here are #9 strategies to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts, or to at least stop the negative thoughts faster, when they start.

 Change the Focus – When you encounter a negative situation, try to immediately turn it into something positive by focusing on what you can learn about the situation. Even if all you learn is that you don’t want to do...

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