Yes, you can teach the world what you know!

What’s holding you back from creating a course or two that can greatly benefit your ideal client:

• Fear of failure?
• Fear of success?
• Fear of looking like an imposter?
• Feeling like you’re not expert enough?

Believe it or not, most entrepreneurs struggle with mindset roadblocks at some point. Even more experienced business owners can struggle with a roadblock or insecurities. I’ve met plenty of entrepreneurs who label themselves as introverted and I shake my head in shock because that’s not the image they portray online; that’s the ultimate “fake it til you make it” thinking.

Lifting mental roadblocks can be done with some daily habits and positive self-talk. Here are three tips you can implement right now in your daily life to create a positive mindset:

1. Start your day with positive affirmations. A quick Google search will give you thousands of affirmations to choose from but you just need to start with a couple...

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