Subject: #5 Ways to attract more clients into your sales funnel

Marketing your business is a task that should never have an end date. You should always have a steady stream of prospects enquiring about your services, opting into your email list, or purchasing your products. When you stop having that steady flow, it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing efforts.
Your sales funnel is simply the path your prospects take from first introduction to your products and services toward your highest price service, normally 1:1 coaching. The offers you make along this funnel path are completely up to you and they normally follow a gradual price increase.
Here are some ways to consistently attract clients into your funnel, no matter what time of year:

1. Be consistent with your marketing. Take advantage of real life networking events and sponsorship opportunities. Post daily on social media. Interact with prospects on your page, your personal profile, or within common groups. Use scheduling options or third-party schedulers to post on public holidays or...

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Sometimes you’ve just got to walk away

It was a normal day in the office. We were a team of three back then and would take it in turns to answer the phone.

A call came through. It was an enquiry. The enquirer wanted to know if they could use our office address to receive their post. The call was transferred to me.

It wasn’t an unusual request. I have been asked about this a few times over the years. My stance has always been this. Unless I have worked for a client for a long period of time and know them well, then my answer is always no.

I took the call anyway.

It started pleasantly at first. The caller explained that they were an estate agents and were thinking about opening an office in the small town where I was based at the time. Their current office was approximately 30 miles away from mine and they wanted somewhere for their post to be delivered whilst they found a new property.

Alarm bells started ringing in my head.

It didn’t make sense to me why they would want post delivered to my office if they had...

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