Are You Eating a Healthy Diet?

It probably goes without saying that eating a nourishing diet is directly connected to our mental and physical well-being. What we put into our bodies is used as fuel to propel us through each day. The better the quality of our fuel, the better our stamina and overall ability to manage whatever comes at us.

Having said that, it is alarming that most people aren't able to utilise the full potential of their diet as a tool. For some, such as those living in food deserts, acquiring nourishing food requires extra planning and resources. For others, eating becomes a sensory escape from the stress of their lives - even to the point of the compulsive comfort-seeking seen in any number of other addictions.

When combating fatigue and recovering from burnout, your food choices are likely one of the easiest aspects of your life to take personal control over. Your diet choices don't belong to anyone else but you. You don't have to get permission to eat foods that nourish your body. You don't...

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