Making Time for What You Love to do Avoids Burnout

find time hobbies time out Oct 22, 2019

The busier your life is, the less time seems available to set aside for things you love to do. Whether you are an overachiever or simply overbooked, your pastimes and hobbies are usually the first to go when time is a scarce commodity.

Believe it or not, adding to your list of things to do can alleviate and prevent burnout - provided you are adding an activity you like and enjoy.

Giving yourself permission to do the things you enjoy replenishes your happiness and restores your sense of self. Being able to engage in an activity that you love builds confidence, centres your focus, and reminds you that your life isn't just about work, family, or [insert-obligation-here].

How do you find time to do more of what you love when you feel like every minute of your day is booked solid?

Multi-task: Find a way to incorporate your hobbies into the activities you are already responsible for.

Here are some examples:

Activity you love:

Reading - Sync Audible and Kindle and listen to the newest...

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