3 Tips for Avoiding Future Burnouts

Has your fatigue and overwhelm gone from bad to worse? Have you gone past the point of being in jeopardy of burning out into feeling the full-fledged effects of burnout? It's time to get yourself back on track and find new and better ways to avoid future burnouts.

You can avoid burnout's overwhelm and associated feelings by learning the three D's that prevent burnout.

Here are those three D's to prevent burnout from becoming an issue again:

1. Design
2. Delegate
3. Delete

Design - Design and plan as much of your day, week, and month as possible. Having a framework for your time spent helps to avoid burnout. Even if you love flying by the seat of your pants, don't discount the benefits of a little structure. Making an emphasis on certain important elements of your life allows you to build in the freedom to be spontaneous. Prioritising those things that are non-negotiable and getting them out of the way or making sure that they will be handled means you won't have to stress out about...

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