Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

How do you feel about the quantity and quality of your sleep? If you are fighting fatigue and burnout, one of the first evaluations you should make begins in your bedroom. The quantity and quality of restful sleep you are experiencing is directly related to your ability to manage stress.

Sleep is our body's time to repair and rejuvenate itself from the damage accrued in day-to-day life. How we sleep is as important as our actual need to sleep. Being able to sleep in a safe and comfortable environment, free from distractions, is key to nurturing meaningful rest periods.

Here are three 'thieves' that rob you of quality sleep:

Inconsistent bedtimes - Do the demands of your day dictate when you go to sleep and what time you wake up? Working until the wee hours of the night and getting up before dawn aren't best practice for your well-being. Setting a designated bedtime and sticking to it will encourage you to stay focused and finish your work in the times you are awake. Pareto's...

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Sleep Your Way to a Healthy Brain

Our brains are the miracle powerhouses of our bodies. This extremely complex organ controls all our bodily functions so, for obvious reasons, we should do everything in our power to keep our brains functioning healthfully.

One simple way to keep your brain healthy is to get enough sleep. In today’s busy world, too often we stay up late to finish work, finish housework, or to finally relax with our spouse. But then the vicious cycle starts again too early in the morning when we awaken to get ready for work, to feed the kids, or to get a jump-start on that work deadline that’s hovering over our head.

Scientific Proof Your Brain Needs More Sleep

Without sleep your brain can’t function properly. Your reflexes are slower, you’ll have difficulty focusing on tasks, and you’ll have difficulty learning new things. Sleep is also extremely important to your brain’s neurons and their ability to communicate with each other.

The National Institute of...

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