Habits & Routines Can Help Prevent Burnout

Similar to setting a weekly rhythm, you can help prevent burnout by establishing habits and routines. Cultivating habits and routines that serve you well can make life a bit more effortless and stress levels lower.

A habit is a way of doing things that has become intrinsic and automatic. This means that accomplishing the activity is effortless and requires little to no mental energy to complete. Your habit of brushing your teeth is an example. You don't have to put much active thought into it, nor do you specifically mark the activity on your schedule to be certain you get it done daily. It just gets done.

A routine may take a bit of thought, but it is another repetitive activity that has become easy and effortless over time, freeing up more time for the things that require your mental focus and energy. Making your way through your local grocery shop is an example of a routine. You likely approach the shop aisles based on the items you need, and have memorised the general...

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