Blow their minds with a transformative story

No matter how strong your sales copy is, nothing seals a sale more than a story showcasing how YOUR productor service changed someone’s life. Your audience wants to know how your product or service will help them solve their problem.

People generally want some proof before spending their hard-earned money, so find transformative stories that are inspiring.

Start with your own story.
• What struggles did you face that convinced you to create your product/service?
• What was your experience?
• Did you have any setbacks along the way?
• What lessons did you learn?
• What results did you obtain from using your own product/service?

If that’s more detail than you’d like to share with your audience, find other customers who would be willing to answer those same questions.

Craft these answers into an endearing narrative that shows clearly how their life was transformed. Write this in a format that imitates a blog post (no bullet points here) but keep...

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Keep them enthralled with kick-ass descriptive copy

Consider the first two paragraphs of your sales page as teasers: You’re hinting a little bit about what your product can do for the reader but you’re not giving away too much yet. Teasing your readers with strong copy will keep them on your page, reading and wanting more.

Offer hints of what your product/service can do and how your product will make your readers’ lives better. This is where your market research comes into play. If you asked your audience what they needed PRIOR to creating your product or service, you’ll be slightly ahead of the game.

Now you can say loudly that you listened to their needs and tout the benefits of your product or service. Following that path alone will earn you some credibility points but if you want these followers to become loyal buyers, follow through with an amazing product that your audience could only dream about.

If you are proud of your product/service, your excitement will shine through every word of your sales copy...

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Write a bold headline they simply can’t ignore

Think about the last time you read a sales page online. Doesn’t matter what the product was; just think back and remember what action you took after reading that headline: Did you read further down the page before buying or did you click away, never to go back again?

If you clicked away, you’re in the majority. According to experts, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of the sales copy.

So, basically 80% of people will read your headline but if you don’t grab them in those first seconds, you’re losing 60% of your audience who click away.

Can you make sales with only 20% of your viewers reading the whole page? Sure, but why not set yourself up for success from the beginning by creating the strongest headline possible so they have no choice but to read further down the page?

A well-crafted headline not only grabs attention but can also deliver a full message by using just a few words. Add in a few benefits to the...

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Working from home with a cat or dog… is it possible?

If you are a cat lover or a dog lover, then working from home might seem like a dream!
After all, you now have the option to work with company from a pet all day. That’s great for them and for you…
Until you actually try it. That’s about when you realise that this is a huge challenge with a large number of logistical and practical obstacles.
Is it even possible? And how can you survive?

The Challenge

Of course, the issue is that pets want attention. Your cat may very well decide it wants to come and sit on your keyboard, while your dog might have a tendency to nudge your leg with their head until you play with them.
This isn’t always the case! Some dogs (older ones in particular) will happily curl up on the couch behind you all day. Some cats are loners and really would rather you didn’t pay them any attention!
So, this is certainly possible, depending on the kind of pet you have.
There are also some things you can do to make life easier for yourself.


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How to look after your health and fitness when working from home

Working from home might seem like an amazing opportunity to relax and take it easy. You can wake up later, you don’t need to commute to work, and you can avoid to speaking to anyone you don’t want to.
But while all that might sound amazing, it can actually end up being too much of a good thing.
Going outdoors is actually rather crucial for vitamin D and fresh air. Speaking to people is good for our mental health. And not commuting might well mean only getting 1,000 steps a day. This can all cause serious damage to your health!
So what can you do? Here are some tips that will make a big difference.

Spend Time Outdoors

One way or another, you NEED to spend time outdoors. A powerful tip is to go outdoors in the morning, as this will also help you to adjust your body clock to ensure better sleep.
At the same time, going for walks can also be useful. Try wearing a fitness tracker which will count your steps and that way tell you if you need to get more exercise – the...

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How to break your workflow up and make it more manageable

One of the challenges when working from home is learning to be fully responsible for your own workload. Juggling multiple tasks is much harder when there is no boss leaning over your shoulder. So how do you stay on-task and make sure everything gets done? Here are some powerful tips.

Eat the Frog

One crucial tip from Mark Twain is to always tackle the biggest and most difficult task first. This means that you’re going to tick the biggest item on your to-do list off first, which in turn means that you’ll have started the day by being hugely productive. That also means that if you run out of time, then the hardest job (and usually the most important therefore) will be done. AND it means that you can tackle this job while you are fresh and before you get tired by the end of the day.
Big tasks are better behind you, than in front of you!

The One Minute Rule

The one- minute rule dictates that any job that will take less than one minute (shooting off a quick email, fixing a...

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Increase Your Sales and Name Recognition With Facebook Ads

Social media is an easy way to interact with your audience and to grow your following but sometimes it can seem like a tedious process.

If you want to take control and try to speed up the rate at which you obtain leads or make sales, try using Facebook Ads to increase your reach.

Facebook Ads are created in the Ad Manager and you’ll need to know the demographics of your target market as well as how much you want to spend and how long you want the ad to run.

But first, Facebook wants you to identify your ad objective and you have about 12 options to choose from.

Next is setting up the ad.

Choose the Facebook Page you want to promote and then choose the demographics. If you look at the gauge in the right margin, you’ll see a Potential Reach number that probably is in the millions. Who wouldn’t want millions of new leads, right?

Don’t be fooled.

Of those millions of names, how many would actually be QUALIFIED leads? Do you think you’ll make many sales from...

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Be Social on Facebook, Reach Out and Make Friends

So many business owners forget about the “social” part of social media.

A huge component of what makes social media work for you is actually being social. It’s simply not enough to create your personal profile and business page and then disappear, waiting for people to find you and buy from you.

While that sounds like a lovely idea, it just doesn’t work because marketing is about building relationships. And what do good, strong relationships have in common? Communication and interaction between the two parties.

You sitting back and waiting for others to do the work is quite the opposite of communicating and interacting.

Plan Daily Posts

Consistency is key to growing a social media audience and that means daily posts on your personal profile, business page, and in your prospect group if you have one. These posts should all be written differently to avoid getting labelled by Facebook as a “spammer”, but they can certainly have the same theme or...

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Don’t Sit in the Shadows – Tell Your Message to the World

When was the last time you actually talked about your business and what you do for people on Facebook?

Do the followers of your personal profile have any idea what you do for a living? Or are you on Facebook keeping up with college buddies and parent friends from your kids’ school?

I know you know this, but it bears repeating: If you don’t toot your own horn once in a while, nobody else will do it for you.

Don’t sit back and wait for people to find you. Be proactive and step out from behind your computer and TELL people what your business is all about.

True, you don’t want every single post to be self-promotion because that definitely gets old and could turn followers away from you. Instead, develop a social media plan so your posts are a good balance between personal, business, and fun.

Facebook allows at least three different ways to reach your audience and if you’re on Facebook for business, you should utilise all three because not everyone will see...

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Be Confident in Your Business and Always Ask for the Sale

Let’s state the obvious: you’re in business to earn money. Yes, you want to help others as well, but you want to make a profit with your business, am I right?

In order to make a profit, you need to sell your products and services. But is it enough to just create products and wait for people to make a purchase?

Not at all.

I like to call that “wishful marketing” and it simply doesn’t work. That’s a very passive approach to running a business as opposed to a proactive approach, which includes finding people in your target market, forming a relationship with them, introducing them to your business, and then asking for the sale.

Find Your Confidence

It sure is discouraging when people say “no” when you ask for a meeting or for the sale but there’s also a popular thought in the sales community that you need to hear 100 no’s before you hear a yes.

Your business and your services won’t appeal to everyone; or they might...

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