#3 Tips for handling rejection professionally

Uncategorized May 25, 2021

Have you been in this scenario: your website got a professional makeover, your products and services are spiffed up and ready to sell, and you open your doors waiting for that first client to find you. You’ll have some sales, some enquiries about your services, and some sign ups to your email list. But then you’ll get feedback from people who don’t take that next step to hire you. Or the sales of your products will slow down to a trickle. You’ll get myriad reasons why prospects don’t sign on but it’s hard not to take that rejection personally.
Remember that they are not rejecting YOU personally; they are simply not ready right now to hire you (or by your eBook, or join your group coaching). How you handle this rejection will foretell how your business will grow over the years.

1. Thank your prospects for their feedback. Many people shy away from giving negative feedback but it can only help you in the long run. Don’t be afraid to ask that...

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Subject: #5 Ways to attract more clients into your sales funnel

Marketing your business is a task that should never have an end date. You should always have a steady stream of prospects enquiring about your services, opting into your email list, or purchasing your products. When you stop having that steady flow, it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing efforts.
Your sales funnel is simply the path your prospects take from first introduction to your products and services toward your highest price service, normally 1:1 coaching. The offers you make along this funnel path are completely up to you and they normally follow a gradual price increase.
Here are some ways to consistently attract clients into your funnel, no matter what time of year:

1. Be consistent with your marketing. Take advantage of real life networking events and sponsorship opportunities. Post daily on social media. Interact with prospects on your page, your personal profile, or within common groups. Use scheduling options or third-party schedulers to post on public holidays or...

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#5 Ways to control your home business costs

Smart business owners know that to make the most profit possible, they need to keep their operating costs low. However, don’t be fooled into thinking you should try to run your business completely cost-free. It’s nearly impossible – even with all the free tools available – and using all free tools may harm your credibility with your clients.
Put yourself in your client’s position. What are your thoughts about someone whose website has a .wordpress.com or .blogger.com URL instead of the simple-name-of-their-business.com? These are signs that the website owner doesn’t host their own website, which could indicate their newness to the online world.
Think about your branding images and headshots. Are you using a blurry headshot from vacation or did you spend money on a professional photo shoot? All these things make a big difference when it comes to winning clients but it doesn’t have to break your bank account.
Here are 5 ways to control your...

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#3 Reasons why you need to know your target market

When was the last time you did some target market analysis? Do you know exactly WHO you’re trying to reach with your services? Have you identified HOW you can help them through their pain points?
Or does this all sound foreign to you?
Knowing your target market is an integral part of running your business. Sure, you can have a solid message but is your target market hearing it? There’s no way to know unless you can identify WHO your market is and how to get your message to them. Without this information, you are practicing what I call “hope marketing,” in which you’re just throwing your message out there and HOPING someone notices and becomes your client. Sorry to say but that process is a waste of your valuable time and skills.

1. You’re not B&M so don’t try to appeal to the vast population. B&M’s success depends upon carrying thousands of products that appeal to a wide variety of people of varying economic levels, all at...

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#5 effective ways to avoid burn out in your business

burn out procrastination Apr 27, 2021

Job burn out is a very real thing, whether you work for a large company or you work for yourself. 

Slowly, over time, you start hitting the snooze button; you procrastinate about starting projects; you suffer from writer’s block when it comes to creating products; and you don’t look forward to working with clients.

It may seem to come on suddenly, but these easy-to-miss signs start slowly and snowball until you question if you still want to continue with your business. So, if you've just started your own VA practice or freelance business, it's worth reading about what can happen, now, so you can watch out for any signs.

No one is immune to this dilemma but there are ways you can prevent it from happening.

1. Interview client prospects carefully. The interview process is crucial for weeding out high-maintenance clients and to eliminate those who don’t want to do the work. I like to call them vampire clients: they suck the energy right out of you...

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#3 Pages your business website absolutely, positively needs

If you've decided to go down the lines of starting an online business, or, if you've already started up but don't have a website, I would highly recommend you get one.

If you are currently relying solely on social media platforms, I'd be mindful that things may change, usually overnight, and all that hard work could be gone... forever. 

So, before you quit your day job or become totally reliant on social media platforms to create sales, make sure you have a website that is up to par and ready to attract clients.

Your website is the introduction of your business to the world. You want to make it as easy as possible for prospective clients to understand who you are, what you do, and how you can help them with their needs.

Leaving a prospect without a clear path to that information will cause frustration and if they can’t find the info they need quickly, they will leave your website in search of another...

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Thinking of setting up an online business?

As the UK is on the verge of 'opening up' again and life begins to get back to some sort of normality, you may be someone who's been working from home for a few months and decided that you actually like it. Believe me, it's not for everyone!

The thought of going back 'in' to work may not be filling you with happiness, and if you haven't started your own business yet, this might now be in the forefront of your mind.

One of the primary reasons people hesitate to start a business is their fear of needing many thousands of pounds in start-up money.

If you’re starting a brick-and-mortar business that requires a physical location and/or inventory, yes, those start-up costs can be very expensive. However, if you’re starting a service business online, working from the comfort of your own home, then the start-up costs are minimal.

Here are 5 ways to stay on budget while setting up your business:

1. Purchase a domain. Every business should have a website as part of their...

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Three tiny habits that can help you shift into a growth mindset

behaviour mindset Mar 16, 2021

In the worlds of psychology and business, you’ll often hear the terms ‘growth mindset’ and ‘fixed mindset’. Mindset in general refers to the learned attitudes you’ve adopted over time; so a growth mindset is the attitude that you can always change for the better whereas a fixed mindset means you believe that you’re stuck with your natural skills without any room for improvement.

Every single person on earth has one of these mindsets but the best news of all is that if you’re stuck in a fixed mindset, you CAN make changes to shift into a growth mindset.

One way to make that shift is to incorporate tiny habits into your routine. Complete these habits enough times and a good habit forms, which can help shift your mindset.

Why do you want to achieve a growth mindset?

Quite simply, because the world then opens up a lot more options when you’re eager to grow.

Growth mindset means you can learn new things; you can change your lifestyle; you...

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Is your mindset affecting your life?

Being an entrepreneur brings many challenges along with its many benefits. One challenge in particular involves your business mindset and recognising if you’re setting yourself up for success or failure.

Figuring out what mindset you have involves using your common sense. If you’re afraid to fail, chances are that’s what will happen because you won’t want to take any risks so you won’t take any action.

However, it IS possible to shift this mindset; so instead of being afraid, you become determined to make your business work.

Which scenario do you prefer: Being determined and taking action or being afraid and cowering in a corner, doing nothing?

Here are some other common mindsets that may negatively affect your business:

1. A negative mindset can affect your confidence. How do you react if a boss or client says you made a mistake or they’re not happy with your final product? Does it rock your world for days at a time or can you regroup, make the...

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I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

dream big mindset Mar 02, 2021


Do you still have dreams of a lifestyle you’d love to attain or a business you’d like to start?

Do you remember how to dream big like our kids do?

As we grow, we often grow into the mindset that we have to work hard and we can’t take chances – or chase dreams – because we have to be responsible, especially if we have a family to support.

Mindsets can also be established unconsciously during childhood, when we hear parents or other adults continuously saying either positive or negative comments regularly.

Mindset simply refers to “the established set of attitudes held by someone”. Not everyone has the same mindset and if one person is a risk taker in one part of their life, they may not embrace the same risk in another part of their life. Ultimately, one’s mindset plays a huge part in whether they follow their dreams or not.

Here are 3 ways mindset can sabotage your ability to dream big and chase those dreams:

1. You think you’re...

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