How to build a passive income empire by hiring a dream team

Building your business to have a diverse set of income streams is a wise move. Plus, if you hire a team of contractors to handle the production, your passive income truly becomes much more passive once you get your team started.

Think of it this way: If you invest in the stock market, every financial advisor suggests splitting up your investments into a diverse array of stocks and bonds, simply for the fact that not every company will perform well all the time. When one company has a bad quarter, a diverse portfolio allows you to minimize your losses, especially if the other companies in your portfolio are doing well.

Independent contractors are also advised to work for an array of clients instead of devoting all their time to just one client, simply because you never know when that one client will close up shop or decide to hire a different contractor.

The same is true for your own business.

What if you lost multiple clients in one month?

Do you have a calm way to make up that...

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Yes, you can teach the world what you know!

What’s holding you back from creating a course or two that can greatly benefit your ideal client:

• Fear of failure?
• Fear of success?
• Fear of looking like an imposter?
• Feeling like you’re not expert enough?

Believe it or not, most entrepreneurs struggle with mindset roadblocks at some point. Even more experienced business owners can struggle with a roadblock or insecurities. I’ve met plenty of entrepreneurs who label themselves as introverted and I shake my head in shock because that’s not the image they portray online; that’s the ultimate “fake it til you make it” thinking.

Lifting mental roadblocks can be done with some daily habits and positive self-talk. Here are three tips you can implement right now in your daily life to create a positive mindset:

1. Start your day with positive affirmations. A quick Google search will give you thousands of affirmations to choose from but you just need to start with a couple...

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Debunking 4 myths about passive income

Creating multiple streams of passive income is a wise business decision but don’t be fooled by some of the myths around this topic.

Do your research objectively and learn how to read between the lines of promises people make.

This sage advice is often correct: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

Myth #1: Creating passive income is quick and easy.

Anyone who has worked to create a product, write a book, create a niche website, or even promote affiliate links will tell you this myth is false. You’ll always have to do work at the beginning and the amount of work and how long it takes you will vary considerably depending on your income stream. Anyone promising you overnight riches is out of touch or trying to sell you a scam.

Myth #2: You can set it and forget it after your passive income stream is set up.

This is only true if you hire a project manager to manage the daily marketing and promotion plans for your chosen income stream. But even if...

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3 ways to turn your active income into passive income

If you’re working with clients on a 1:1 basis, then you’re charging for your time, which is an example of “active income”.

With active income your earnings are directly tied to the amount of time you spend with each client. If you have 8 clients a day, you’ll get paid 8 times; if you go on holiday and have zero clients a day, you’ll have no money coming in.

While this 1:1 premise can be profitable with high-end clients, you’ll still reach that glass ceiling because you only have so much time in a day to devote to clients.

So, if you want to break that glass ceiling and earn more while still working on a 1:1 basis, it’s time to develop some passive income streams.

Three Passive Income Ideas

Passive income is a way to leverage your 1:1 clients by reaching more people at one time.

What’s the best way to do that?

The choice is up to you; start off by choosing one passive income idea and when that is complete and you see sales, try...

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3 ways every business can benefit from passive income

Have you heard the statistic that millionaires have at least seven income streams?

That’s seven different ways that they’re making money each month.

Now take a look at your business; how many streams of income do you currently have? If it’s only one, then it’s time to create more income streams.

Passive income is something of a misnomer. Work is still involved in creating products or setting up different forms of income, but the difference is these streams of income can work for you almost on autopilot for years to come, long after the initial work is complete.

So think of the creative process as work-heavy in the beginning while you can still earn money from them well into the future.

Benefits of Passive Income

1. Increase your bottom line profits. This is the most obvious benefit but certainly worth mentioning because who doesn’t want to earn more profits? If you created a for-profit business, extra ways to earn income are always welcomed. As you well...

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Here’s a way that can lead you to success

We’re almost halfway through this year already. What are your successes this year so far? I know some of you will know what you’ve achieved, but I also know some of you may be sat there thinking, “you know what, I’m not too sure”. If you journal, now is a great time to flick through because I think you’ll find you’ve achieved more than you think you have.

Everyone has goals and dreams but not everyone focuses enough to achieve them. Follow these 5 steps to help get you to your goals.

1. Setting goals allows you to laser focus on what you want. Instead of waking every morning with no idea what tasks to focus on, having your goals written down allows you to make a daily to do list with tasks leading toward your goal. No more “flying by the seat of your pants.” Instead, follow your action plan or checklist and focus on important tasks instead of busy work.

2. Keep those goals in sight and look at them daily. A vision board hung in...

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Just because you come up with a great plan in your head, doesn’t make it real

Visualizing what you want in life is a wonderful practice but don’t forget about making an action plan to fulfill those goals. Here are some tips to get you going.

1. Break down your ultimate goals into smaller steps. If you want to double your income, for instance, keep that big number in mind but break that big number down into a monthly income total. If necessary, break that down even further into weekly and daily goals. Knowing these smaller goals will help you focus on daily money-making tasks to earn those totals and ultimately reach that larger goal.

2. Plot your daily money-making tasks. No matter what your ultimate goals, you need to make money with your business and those are the tasks you should prioritize. What tools do you have at your disposal? Think about how to use your blog, social media, email list, affiliate products, products and programs to make more sales.

Sometimes all it takes is publicizing your offers more frequently via social media and to your email...

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Feel like you’re on a hamster wheel going nowhere ?

Do you have your goals set out for this year?

Did you create them at the beginning of the year but haven’t monitored them since then? If that’s you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Business goals help you gauge your success and help you stay motivated to reach those goals. Some people think the planning stage is drudgery but even those entrepreneurs who prefer the “fly by the seat of your pants” approach to running their business have specific goals in mind.

Not having goals is equivalent to being on a hamster wheel going nowhere.

Take a few minutes and think about what you want to accomplish in your business and make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes in your goal-setting process:

1. Procrastinating. You don’t need to wait until January 1st to set your goals. Try setting quarterly goals instead. If the idea seems overwhelming, set a timer for 30 minutes and start mapping your goals on paper.

2. Not prioritizing. You can...

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Are you too comfy or, do you feel totally defeated?

business goals success Jun 08, 2021

Goal setting is a worthwhile process but are you setting goals that are too easy? Or maybe you’re at the other end of the spectrum and set them so they are too challenging?

Goals that are too easy will keep you in your comfort zone and won’t lead to business growth.

Goals that are too challenging will make you feel defeated and possibly cause you to give up on your dream.

Planning on how to accomplish your goals doesn’t require a lot of time but it’s a necessary part of the process. Otherwise, you’ll wonder each morning what you’re supposed to be doing and will remain at a standstill.

Here’s a way to categorize your goals so you will always be challenged:

1. Small goals. These are goals you can reach easily with just a little bit of extra effort, such as adding 5-10 new subscribers each week. Small goals should always increase but shouldn’t be so difficult that you end up stressed. These should be the easiest goals to meet so you feel...

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How to get where you want to be.

business goals help success Jun 01, 2021

Setting goals is a task every single person should embrace. Whether you do it every New Year or at various times throughout the year, knowing what you want in life will prevent that feeling of just floating through each day without purpose. Knowing your purpose and goals motivates you to wake up and take action every single day.

Setting goals in every aspect of your life will keep you focused on what you want. Whether it’s about losing weight to regain your health or increasing your business profits to move to a warmer climate, knowing what you want allows you to put action steps in place. After all, nothing happens in life without taking action.

Successful People Who Set Goals

If you’re feeling defeated with not reaching goals in the past, don’t worry. Even the most successful celebrities and business owners have seen their own failures but continued to set goals anyway.

Entertainer extraordinaire Beyoncé keeps a photograph of an Academy Award by her...

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