Use free webinars to explode your list–and your know, like, trust factor

Let’s step away from the opt-ins for a moment and explore another option.

Free webinars.

Before you start getting sweaty palms and shouting at the screen because the thought of running a live webinar was definitely NOT on your strategy list, let me tell you something.

If I can do it… you can do it.

I have worked behind the scenes for the last 20 years supporting a variety of clients. I am used to being behind the scenes. I actually quite like it there.

The thought of running a webinar made me wobble a bit initially.

But you know what?

It’s true what they say.

If you’re confident about the subject you’re talking about, you forget you’re speaking to ‘live’ people.

So, here’s how free webinars can explode your list.

People love video because this medium is the closest thing to seeing you in person. Your audience members don’t have to travel or leave the comfort of their home to see you in action. They will see your face, hear your voice, and learn about your coaching style. Couple all those things with a powerful message, and you’ll have people eating out of the palm of your hand in no time.

With free webinars, you ask for registration ahead of time – similar to taking a head count or reserving their seats – because not all webinar platforms are the same in terms of the number of attendees allowed. So, you’re presenting a fabulous webinar topic and directing those interested to a webinar registration page (landing page) where they will enter their email address to receive reminders as the date gets closer and to also receive the replay link.

NOTE: Most webinar platforms include these landing page features. However, if you prefer to have more control and ownership of your subscribers, set up a regular landing page on your site, complete with your opt-in box. Write a sexy headline, describe the purpose of your webinar, and start sending traffic to that page. Set up an autoresponder series of webinar reminders so they are sent automatically.

Webinar attendees are often more motivated to do the work and implement the tips you discuss in the webinar because they are willing to give up an hour of their time to hear you speak.

You’re speaking to their pain points and offering a solution, so you have their undivided attention. However, they don’t want that time wasted so be sure to deliver actionable tips they can follow immediately.

Allowing them to interact with you in real time is not only one of the fastest ways to build know, like and trust factor with your audience – it’s also super valuable for them because they’re more likely to actually do the work and get the quick win. Also remember that once the live webinar is recorded, it’s amazingly easy to set that up as an on-demand evergreen webinar that you can continue promoting year-round.

Here’d what you need for a webinar:

 Great topic ideas that speak to your audience’s pain points. Make these DIFFERENT from your website opt-in so you can attract more people into your circle of influence. Think about the call to action at the end; attendees have already given you their email addresses upon registration so think of a paid offer – either your own or an affiliate offer – and don’t be shy about making that offer at the end of the webinar.

 A webinar platform, such as Zoom, GoToWebinar, or Livestorm. You’ll find a hundred other options, so do your research, and compare features. How many attendees will you attract? Check for recording options. If there’s a trial available, check out the dashboard for ease of use. Be sure there’s a way to integrate your webinar room with your email provider so those registration emails aren’t “stuck” inside the webinar platform with no way to export them.

 If you’re interested in running “on demand” evergreen webinars, check out platforms such as EverWebinar or StealthSeminar. Check out the items mentioned above along with the price tag. With the number of webinar platforms available, you’ll find one that suits your budget.

Remember, people will spend money with you if they know, like, and trust you; so, if appearing on a webinar makes your palms sweat, bite that bullet and get your face in front of your audience.

Those who NEED to hear your message will find you.


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