The 90 Minute Rule

planning time management Mar 05, 2018

Finding time to work on your own stuff as a business owner can be challenging. Whatever line of work your in, chances are you will still have emails to answer, invoices to raise, marketing your own business, the list goes on.   If you're not quite ready to take on the services of a virtual assistant, which you should seriously consider, here are 5 simple steps to help you get through your own business tasks.

Step 1: Block off 90 minutes every day

It doesn't matter when in the day you block off your 90 minutes, just ensure that that 90 minutes is only for you.  I find first thing in the morning is my best time.

Step 2: Stay focused

Do not become distracted with emails, text messages, phone calls or anything else. Switch all your distractions off.  If you're not planning on emailing, close your inbox down. Switch your phone to voicemail. Get it into your head that THESE 90 minutes are YOURS.  Barricade yourself into a room if you have to if you know you are going to get disturbed.

Step 3: Plan ahead

Decide what you are going to do in that 90 minutes and stick with it.  Do not butterfly onto something else.  Compile a schedule a week before so you know each day which task you are going to complete then put it somewhere visible to help you stay focused. Be realistic.  Make sure you can achieve the task in the allocated time otherwise you'll end up feeling frustrated if you don't finish what you started.

Step 4: Time yourself

It's quite easy to get carried away and go over your allocated 90 minutes.  Set a timer and stick to your schedule.  If you have planned your work properly you should be able to achieve what you planned to do within that time slot. If you don't stick to your schedule you could end up lengthening your working day by trying to get through your clients workload because you perceive you are running late.

Step 5: Review 

The trick is to plan well and stick to the 90 minutes. After a week or two you should see a difference in your workflow for the tasks that usually end up stuck on the back burner.


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