Knowing What to Do is Not Enough

How many of us make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or go to the gym? How many of us actually reach our goals?

This is a prime example of knowing WHAT to do but not staying motivated to actually DO it. Intellectually we all KNOW that eating healthy foods and exercising is the key to losing weight yet many of us never seem to stick with it (especially me when it comes to chocolate – yum!)

The same is true with growing your business. We all KNOW we should have a business plan and market our businesses consistently, yet life gets in the way and our plans never materialise or we take a break from marketing because we’re too busy handling our customers’ needs.

What can you do to help you stay on track and/or grow your business?

Enter the business coach.

A business coach can take different forms. It might be that parts of your business are doing fine, and you just need someone to help you in a specific area, say for example marketing.

Why have a business coach?

Well, a coach will keep you focused on your goals and the individual tasks at hand. Instead of getting distracted, you will have a plan in place for your next steps. Plus, your coach will want an accountability report so if you do get distracted, you’ll have to admit that and own up to not using that time as planned (yikes!)

I’ve had several coaches over the years to help me with my business. One of my best years both business wise and personally was when I invested in a personal coach to help me with mindset. Everyone around noticed a huge positive difference in me.

Of course, life can get in the way of business and you may have to take some time off or shorten your business hours when emergencies happen. A business coach can help you reconfigure your business plans as needed so you’re not losing progress. Whether that means changing courses altogether or hiring your own VA and outsourcing some of the tasks, your coach will be your sounding board if your mind is preoccupied with a life problem.

Keep in mind that business coaches are available to give advice, not to do the work for you.

Listen to your coach’s unique perspective on your business and their advice, then take action and follow through with your next steps. Likewise, don’t become reliant on your coach to make all the decisions for you. Developing a coach/client relationship which allows you to feel confident in your own decisions is important to the growth of the business.

One final note. If you’re just starting out, you may not feel the need or be in a financial position to hire your own personal coach.  What then?

If you have little experience in running a business, it’s definitely worth considering hiring a coach. Having the right coach can thrust your business forward at a faster rate without wasting time, money and resources trying to fathom everything out by yourself.

A more affordable option would be to opt for group coaching sessions initially until you get your business up and running. It may work out cheaper but with most of the benefits of hiring a personal coach.


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