How To Win Back Your Motivation To Keep Doing the Work You Love – Part 2

In my last blog I covered 5 ideas about how to get your motivation back. Here are six further ideas to win back your motivation and fall in love with your work all over again.

1. Align Your Work with Your Life Purpose
If you combine your area of genius with a deep, inner life purpose that drives you, regaining your motivation comes naturally.

Your life purpose is not external, like “teaching kids to play hockey”. That would just be a manifestation of what drives you. The sort of life purpose to identify and embrace is spiritual, even if you are not. It gives your life meaning. It’s something you want to live for every day, like “leading by example”.

2. Journal
Even if you don’t like journaling, this is a highly useful tool to embrace when you are on an inner journey. Articulating your thoughts on paper helps you quickly see through premises or statements that aren’t really true (just as it does if you talk about a topic in a group). It helps you get to the reasons behind the feelings, the feelings behind the excuses. Journaling enables you to map your progress and allows you to look back at how far you’ve actually come.

And sometimes, that is the most motivational strategy of all.

3. Try Something You Routinely Reject
If you feel your business is stuck in a stalemate, try changing things up. But don’t just try obvious solutions: Take a new look at options and solutions you have previously rejected without thinking.

For example, if you think you’re tired of coaching, consider that perhaps it is just one-on-one coaching that is wearing you out. Try group coaching instead. Or write a book.

4. Change up Your Space
Sometimes our workspaces can add to depression, frustration and weariness. Take a good look at yours. Is it too dark? Is your chair uncomfortable? Is the lighting too harsh from that particular lamp? Is there too much clutter?

Create a plan to make your workspace or home office an inspiring place that energizes and gets you excited again. Change the layout. Get rid of the clutter. Get in that shelving unit you so desperately need. Put up inspirational posters or artwork. Have your favorite mantra made into a graphic for your wall. Put in a sound system and play motivational tapes or exciting music while you work. Move your desk to a different location. Buy a new chair. Paint your room a color that either calms or energizes you, depending on what you feel you need most.

Once you’ve planned out what you need to do, act. Transform your office into the workspace of your dreams – one that reflects your mission and your brand.

5. Realize it’s Not About the Money – even when it is
Don’t feel you have to hang on to any client who is sucking the joy out of going to work, no matter how much he or she is paying you.

If a client is making you doubt yourself, feel bullied, or is just plain unpleasant and draining, release that client and reclaim your time. Use that time slot to recharge or brainstorm, or put out new material.

When you act and release energy-sapping clients, you are actually making room for better clients to come along. Believe it: You’ll soon fill that gap!

6. Stop Taking Responsibility for Your Clients
You dream of doing everything possible to help your client achieve the transformation she/he wants and needs: That is just a given. So, why are you taking responsibility if she doesn’t do the work, or needs to process other stuff first?

You may think you’re not doing this, but in our zeal to help, sometimes it sneaks in. Make sure it’s not zapping your motivation, and remember, your ‘stuff’ is yours; your client’s ‘stuff’ is hers/his.


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